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Raw material
Quality and authenticity

For us, the quality of raw materials is essential. We have carefully selected the best suppliers in Italy in order to ensure compliance with specifications of the final product.

Our suppliers have received Woolmark titles and are Oeko-Tex® certified, which ensures that no substances are harmful to health.

The raw materials used in production undergo laboratory tests and trials by accredited entities.

Technological development has become a determining factor of competitiveness in the textile sector. Always attentive to market demands, we have invested heavily in innovation and have state-of-the-art straight looms, of gauges 5, 7, 10, 12, 14 and 16, and equipment of internationally renowned brands that carry out the knitting process according to the
technique Fully Fashion.
Quality in the final product

This process contributes to the conservation of a better result in the physical characteristics and allocation of higher quality in the presentation of the mesh or final product.
Cutting & Sewing
Care and detail

In both cases, Lipimalhas has adequate equipment and a care-oriented team giving attention to every detail.
Primor and fluency

This is one of the phases of the production process that most calls for doing the work with extreme care. This operation is done manually and our linking division is prepared to achieve perfection and fluidity in the assembly of the articles.
Decision of choice

Dyeing the entire article is an advantageous option for the customer because it offers the possibility of extending the decision of choosing the colours by looking for a specific article.

The option for environmentally conscious suppliers along with our technical expertise and experience allow us to perform this procedure with distinction, which has made us favourites with our customers.
Specifications and control

None of the stages that constitute the production process can be neglected and the final actions of pressing, labelling and packaging are no exception. The finishing is done according to customer specifications and guaranteed by quality control.
Quality Control
Perfect execution

The quality control department oversees all production stages in order to ensure the proper execution and review of all tasks, minimizing possible failures.