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It is based on its main values ​​of Lipimalhas play an active role in development of social responsibility actions.All agents involved in the organization process - developers, clients and partners - contribute positively tosupport initiatives and solidarity and environmental protection projects.

OEKO-TEX® certification
In any of the stages of the production processlaboratory tests can be carried out required which ensure the inexistence of substanceharmful to human health.The main basis for this certification is the OEKO-TEX® modular system.

TheLipimals resorts to the regulatory entity for the effect, from in order to ensure such certification in theirproductions.
Efficiency Program


The inefficient use of energy translates into worrying threats to economic level, social and above all environmental.

Aware that the future depends on the demand for new energy solutions and to minimize the impact of their activity onthe environment, Lipimalhas advances with the implementation of a system of solar panels that will allow the reduction ofenergy consumption in equipment of productions.

In this field, you have other practices ofawareness for more efficient use from air conditioners and lighting.